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Orange Podcast New Content Arts & Entert
Copy of Orange Podcast New Content Arts

The Brands You Love, and Love to Hate...

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Carbon Robotics

"We're not exactly the same color as any of the tractor brands, so I thought that was pretty smart. It's something you have to think about. You know, it's like wearing a jersey or something, right? You're not going to wear the wrong jersey to the baseball game."​

Paul Mikesell

CEO Carbon Robotics

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Case IH

“A bit of history that not everyone knows is that International Harvester did make rifles to support the war effort amongst a bevy of other pieces of equipment to support the war effort.” ~Joe Miller

Joe Miller

Tractor Segment Leader

Case IH North America

Marisa Riley

Director of Marketing

Case IH North America

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"I think we're on a similar revolution, you think about going from a horse to the tractor... we're in that same journey now 100 years later. We're at the cusp, where things will look a lot different in the future."

Brandon Montgomery

Senior Brand Manager

Fendt North America

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In the world of agriculture, where tradition meets innovation, Mike Price stands as a bridge between the past and the future. His YouTube channel and the podcast episode shed light on the complex and evolving landscape of farming, where brand loyalty, technology, and social media converge to shape the future of this timeless industry. As farmers continue to till the land and sow the seeds of progress, one thing remains certain: the heartland will always have a voice.

Mike Price

aka Mikep7810

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"With electric we have torque the moment you start the tractor and it's ready... so we have a little stronger performance from that aspect."

Glen Ezell

Director of Dealer Development

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John Deere

"It was a pretty broad line, and the snow mobiles were incredibly popular. We had some world class snow mobile racing teams. And I think the most enduring legacy of the snow mobile line was the tagline, 'nothing runs like a deer', which was actually created for the snow mobile line."

Neil Dahlstrom

Branded Properties & Heritage Manager at John Deere

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Monarch Tractor

“This is a momentous day for Monarch Tractor that has been years in the making. Our team has worked tirelessly and relentlessly  with a mission to make farming more profitable and sustainable. We’re proud to see our  commitment to technological innovation and sustainable solutions culminate in celebrating our  first tractor off the production line, which, I might add, is powered by renewable energy.”

Praveen Penmetsa

Co-Founder & CEO

Monarch Tractor

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"Our original color was not green, it was like Kubota orange gone bad. And we made a manure spreader, we made some interesting products early on when we were trying to find our way basically, until we found our niche."

Jim Mandes

Sales Manager for

Krone North America

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“We used to feature an antique tractor on the cover of our publications... farmers would mail in or send us - over social media, pictures of their tractors... Some of the feedback we got from that was just incredible!”

Dean Barke


Fastline Marketing Group

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New Holland

"In the history of the company, the the merger with Ford tractor happened in 1986. And at that time, and this is certainly an unauthorized version - I've picked up through the years talking to heritage Ford tractor guys that were still with the company. At that time is Ford Motor Company looked at its business. They wanted to focus on automobiles. And so when the when the next generation of Ford's took over the company, they were curious about what to do with this tractor arm in the business, but they had a problem. They had tractors, and they had no implements. And New Holland was a strong company with all sorts of implements, but no tractors."

Mark Lowery

New Holland Agriculture’s Commercial Marketing Director for North America

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"I like to use a little saying, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We take great pride in that, our materials manager started out on a fork truck, one of our top three trailer salesmen started out in the office verifying excise tax forms - we can name them over and over again the people who have grown up with the company."

Don Landoll

Founder & President of

Landoll Corporation

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"Ben & Jim Copeland were the first two to do this and that’s why the company originally was called BJM, for Ben and Jim Manufacturing. Ben was actually the father of the feed mixer, because before Ben invented the auger box there really wasn’t any way to mix feed in the early 60s. Then he kind of decided he had something going, he had something that worked pretty good, and kind of one of those things - the neighbor sees it and he says I want one, and the other neighbor sees one and he wants one. And Ben started manufacturing the auger mixers."

Kelly Whitman

President & COO of Rotomix

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Farmall Century

"When Farmall made their 100,000th tractor, they decided to make a big deal out of it. They had a big event at the factory, with over 3000 people in attendance. They painted the tractor silver and had Cyrus McCormick III drive it off the line. That tractor later disappeared, and eventually a man named Ryan Peters bought a bunch of junk tractors from a guy's pasture in Iowa. He had it a while before researching the serial number, and realized he had acquired that 100,000th Farmall tractor!"

Lee Klancher


Octane Press

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